Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Another Top Finished

I have hoarded
  (collected) this fabric for years. I can not even guess at the age. But I loved these soft pastel lines when Moda first produced them.  This is actually, the third quilt I have made in these fabrics and these fabric lines.  However, as the years have gone past, I have gifted the first two.
One to a good friend who fell in love with the quilt when she saw it. Another to an employees wife who was dying from cancer.  Both good causes. This one, I intend to keep for myself. LOL . So I say.

I used this pattern twice last month or the month before for two different baby quilts. It was very easy to go ahead and cut out and sew four more stars while I was at it.   The star makes a 32 inch block.
The dark squares are actually a darker green, but in the picture it shows almost black.
I have several tops completed, I need to start planning on some quilting here soon!

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring Planting

When I retired over a year ago, I spent many days in our yard.  A few years ago, we just got tired of spending every weekend working in the yard.  I sure had my work cut out for me.  We recently (finally) had a sprinkler system installed.  I have been waiting to have that completd before I began re planting and seeding the lawn.
So today hubby and I spent the day re planting some flower beds. It is my hope that with regular watering (from the sprinklers) we can again, have a lawn. But here are some pictures of our hard work.

Some of these, I have never tried to grow so wish me luck.

Now on the quilting front, I did get four of these blocks put together before the yard work began.
This is fabric that I have hoarded (collected) for several years.  This will be a lovely shabby chic lap quilt for me.  this makes a 32 inch block.

Friday, March 9, 2018

It's a finished top

Finished the Jen Kingwell Wild Ride for my sister,  well, the top anyway.  LOL
Sorry the picture does not do it justice.  I finished it off to bed size with two borders, a lime green Kona and a Kaffe Fassett purple with lime green polka dots.  I am so happy with the way it turned out.  Now, I have to find a backing and get it quilted.  I am really interested in big stitch quilting. I may just try my hand at that, but not on this quilt. I am in a hurry to see it on her bed.  She is very happy with it and that makes me happy! It really was fun to make and went together so quick.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Quilt for Sis

I purchased Jen Kingwell's pattern WILD RIDE recently.  I really enjoyed making the block, so it didn't take long to make 48 blocks to put a quilt together.  I finished the last block today.  Now, I have it laid out to assess any blocks that I need to move around.  When I'm happy with it, I'll be sewing it together and finishing it up for my sister. We are her care takers, she has been diagnosed with Alzheimers.
Most of this fabric was from her fabric stash, as she was a quilter also.  She loves all the colors in the quilt.
I will probably need to add some borders because we intend to use it on her bed. I hope it will brighten her days.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Fresh New Fat Quarters

OOOO I just couldn't resist a little new fabric today.  One of our local shops was having a huge Fat Quarter sale, $2 a fat quarter!
Now , who can resist that?  I am just surprised I only bought 12 .  LOL

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Almost March!!! Oh MY!!!

Just a little peek of what I have been working on.....

Wild Ride by Jen Kingwell

Friday, May 19, 2017

Catch Up

I have been busy. Really, I have!  I am almost caught up with the Moda Blockhead sew along.

I have another two blocks completed on my Jen Kingwell sew along.... as soon as my Blockheads are caught up, I will be back to the Jen Kingwell sew along.  LOL . always something to do.  Hope you are all working on something you enjoy.

there was progress on this as well.  So many quilts, so little time.  (big sigh)