Saturday, September 10, 2011

Something New for Me!

Well, here I am, after talking about creating a blog for several months I have finally done it!!! I hope I will have some interesting things to show you and talk about in the future. It may be a little slow starting out of the gate, but I am sure it will pick up speed.
I love to create things with my hands..... embroidery, quilting, sewing, gardening. I love it all!  I truly enjoy being inspired by other bloggers. One of my favorite blogs is my good friend Susan.... at Quilty Indulgence.


  1. Welcome, Pat! It's so good to see you here in the blog world. I know you will inspire and entertain us all. Woooo Hooooo! Pat's here! Let's get this party started!

  2. Welcome Pat - it's not in your head!