Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas is Done

Hello all!

I hope everyone enjoyed some wonderful happy time at Christmas with your loved ones.  We have had several get togethers with family and friends. I have eaten too many wonderful meals.
Now the time has come to reflect on the New Year and what we hope to accomplish.  This year my "word" of the year was PURGE.  I think I was pretty successful at that.

Next year, my focus will be on health and fitness.  I will be back on my Weight Watchers plan and trying to move more and eat less, (or at least eat healthier) LOL.

I have sorted through some UFO's that I would like to accomplish this year. I have also started a Crabapple Hill needlework project.  I love having something in my hands to work when I am not at the sewing machine.

I would like to spend more time on my blog.  I am inspired by other blogs that I read on a regular basis and I would like to inspire someone as well.  Maybe consider it a little 'payback', or thank you.

It is time to get my planners and plans in order and on paper. I find when I write things down, I am more inclined to complete.

What will you be focusing on in the New Year?

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