Sunday, November 13, 2011


Okay, this month has really flown and shame on me for not posting more often. But a few unexpected travel plans for work and family birthdays etc..... oh well, I won't bother making more excuses.
But I have been busy.  This lovely Fall embroidery (pattern by Painted Quilt, thank  you!).

This beauty is one of two to be given as gifts this year (for Mr. Keeper's office girls). So you see I have really been busy and I have four more tops to quilt, in fact I am headed over to my friends house now, (she has a long arm yipppee!)
This was a life saver, I would have tried Retayne, but at 10pm there are no quilt shops near me open, so it was rush to the nearest  Wal Mart (open 24 hours) when this next photo turned completely pink when I washed it.... OH NO !!!!!
It is a Christmas Gift for my boss and I can't have it all pink! This picture does show some pink tints but it really got most of it all out and it looks much better in person. Thank Goodness.
I am off on another work inspired trip tomorrow, headed up to Alabama for a few days.
Mr. Keeper will be home alone , no doubt enjoying his alone time! He was kind enough to hold the quilts for me while I snapped the pictures.
Busy Thanksgiving time coming, One daughter will be married that weekend, family dinners etc.
We have so many things to be grateful for and you do also.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Love, love, love the fall embroidery in the stand - what a great idea that is. I also had a quilt turn pink last year - it still has a bit of a pink tint, but the Retayne helped more than I ever thought possible(thanks Pam). I will buy some of that Rit stuff and have it on hand for future hic-cups. YOur quilts look great.